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IT Announcements and Outage Updates
Type: Solution | Updated On: Jan 5, 2017 03:21 PM
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Please see below for current and recent IT changes and unplanned outages. We recommend that you bookmark this page in your web browser for future reference.

The Franklin University IT department's scheduled maintenance windows are:
  • Tuesday - 12 AM to 6 AM
  • Friday - 12 AM to 6 AM
  • Saturday - 12 AM to 6 AM

1/4/17 - Grad Success Prep and Library Passport apps are not working. 
These BlueQuill links are not fully loading and users are getting error messaging during interaction with these 2 applications. 

12/12/16 - myFranklin outage 2:08PM - RESOLVED 2:17PM
BlueQuill and other Franklin University services are currently not reachable. Sites and features will not fully load.

12/5/16 - OPEN ISSUE - BlueQuill quizzes submitting as blank entries. 
There is an issue where some quizzes taken in BlueQuill (does not apply to Test Craft quizzes and tests) are showing up as blank for the instructor grading the quiz. Our BlueQuill admins are working on a fix. As a work around for this issue, please use Firefox for quiz submission. Your instructor can contact the Help Desk to approve a quiz reset for a BlueQuill quiz (does not apply to Test Craft quizzes and tests). 

12/2/16 - myFranklin outage - RESOLVED 12/2/16.
The myFranklin system is fully functional again. 

11/21/16 - BlueQuill outage - RESOLVED 11/22/16
BlueQuill and other Franklin University services are currently not reachable. Sites and features will not fully load. 

11/14/16 - BlueQuill assessments may not be working correctly - RESOLVED 11/15
BlueQuill assessments are quizzes that are built into course objects. The following error does not apply to tests and quizzes that take students to the Test Craft system in a new tab in their browser. The following errors may affect fill-in the blank questions and essay questions. 

- Instructors may get complaints that a question that was answered correctly, was marked incorrect

- Assessments might not load

- Text areas may not display

Our system administrators expect this problem to be resolved by Thursday morning (11-17-16).

11/12/16 - Shortcut to myTools Not Working - RESOLVED 11/14
The shortcut link to myTools from within BlueQuill does not currently load the myTools application and instead loads a blank screen. myTools can still be accessed by going directly to and clicking login.

8/16/16 - Not Able to View BlueQuill Courses - NOTIFICATION ONLY
Some users are experiencing issue when clicking on the View Course button in BlueQuill to access their courses. This issue is related to a recent BlueQuill update. Cached versions of the BlueQuill website in your browser are causing certain features of BlueQuill to not work correctly. The error can be corrected by clearing our your browser temporary files to reload the BlueQuill website. For instructions:

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