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IT Status Updates
Type : Solution   |   Updated On : Apr 7, 2014 09:04 AM
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Please see below for current and historical outage information.

ServiceImpactDate Discovered
Date Resolved
Description/UpdatesAffected Audience
8:50 AM
8:54 AM and myFranklin were briefly inaccessible. The service was automatically restored shortly after the outage began.Faculty, Staff, StudentsClosed
4:20 PM
4:22 PM and myFranklin were briefly inaccessible. The service was automatically restored shortly after the outage began.Faculty, Staff, StudentsClosed
www/myOutage3/31/14 16:143/31/14 16:19Connection pool for Opentext filled and caused the URL failure to be logged.  Monitoring scripts kicked off and restored the service.Faculty/StaffClosed
10:20 AM
10:50 AM
Users cannot log into The server is not found. [UPDATE]TINS has restored access to, but the Search feature is not returning any results. This is being addressed in a ServiceDesk request.Faculty, StaffClosed
Colleague/Datatel downOutage


10:20 AM

10:58 AM
Users cannot log into Datatel. Users already in Datatel can stay logged in but may have limited functionality. [UPDATE 10:58 AM] Per UIS, access to Datatel/Colleague has been restored.Faculty, StaffClosed
Servicedesk.franklin.eduPartial Outage


8:10 AM


8:42 AM

Technicians are unable to send out replies to a requester via ServiceDesk.[UPDATE 8:42 AM] TINS restarted the servicedesk services which corrected the problem.IT TechniciansClosed
Franklin WirelessPartial Outage


9:40 AM


10:40 AM

Users in the library are unable to authenticate into the Franklin Wireless. Users receive a "Network Communication Error". TINS-Network as been notified.[UPDATE 10:40 AM] TINS-Network indicated that the server hung and failed fail over. Network was able to reboot the server and restore the database. Library staff were able to successfully log into the wireless and confirmed it was working again.Faculty, Staff, StudentsClosed,, library.franklin.eduPartial Outage


6:45 PM

03/04/2014 8:50 am

All 3 sites were down and experiencing failure. The library site is working correctly again. is still not working correctly and much of the content is not displayed correctly. The log in page for has been temporarily set to old log in page. This is a temporary workaround that is allowing access to for all users.
[UPDATE 8:50 AM, 3/5/2014]

The external site of is working correctly again. The log in page for is set as the old log in page.

[UPDATE 9:45 AM]

Reverted login page work-around, everything is back to normal state.

Faculty, Staff, Students, PublicClosed
NetworkPartial Outage03/04/2014 4:14 AM03/04/2014 5:23 AMA DC1 datacenter switch failed this morning.  The only affected service during this time window was the vCloud Director student lab environment.  The network team resolved the issue with the vCloud Director VLAN and worked to bring back up the datacenter switch.Students (ISEC325, COMP203)Closed


9:47 AM


10:30 AM

The website is currently down. TINS-Linux is investigating.[UPDATE: 10:30 AM] The redirect has been fixed. There was a configuration that got modified on the webserver which incorrectly had the set as the servername. That configuration has been removed and service restoredFaculty, Staff, Students, PublicClosed

myFranklin Attendance Tool

Partial Outage


9:00 AM


4:25 PM

The attendance tracking tool in myFranklin is not automatically removing students from course access or assigning Z grades when the absence limit is reached.  An email was sent to all adjuncts instructing them to contact the Registrar's office directly when a student had reached the absence limit. [UPDATE 3/5 4:25 PM] The attendance tracking tool is now sending notifications to the Registrar's office correctly.Faculty, StudentsClosed

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