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IT Announcements/Outage Updates
Type: Solution | Updated On: Sep 29, 2015 03:56 PM
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  • 9/29/15 - Web Advisor, A.K.A. myTools is not operational. Users are not able to access the system. [UPDATE] Students can now log into myTools. A faulty patch to the application server created the unexpected outage. Access was restored at 9:55 AM.
  • 8/27/15 - Internet Connection on Franklin Campus is very slow. Time Warner Cable has noted nationwide slowdowns for internet connection. [UPDATE] 8/28/15 full internet connectivity restored at 11:15 AM.
  • 8/4/15 - No users are able to log into BlueQuill ( Message given to users from website: "The Franklin University Web Servers for Are Currently Down". [UPDATE] Functionality restored but root cause not yet determined. 8:45 AM. [UPDATE] Root cause determined and root error removed. 9:25 AM
  • 8/1/15 -  Students are receiving a "down for scheduled maintenance" message when logging into myFranklin
  • 7/6/15 -   Students are unable to register for Fall 2015 courses using myTools. An error occurs that states "You can't place <CourseName> on the schedule at this time." System administrators are investigating.
  • 7/1/15 -  Instructors were unable to submit final grades to the Registrar's office using the GradeGrid in BlueQuill. This was corrected at 11:45 AM on 7/1.
  • 5/8/15 - Users were briefly unable to access their Franklin University email via the "Email" shortcut button in BlueQuill. Clicking on this shortcut resulted in a "Bad Request" page. This was corrected at 8:30 AM.
  • 4/28/15 - Early Tuesday morning, 4/28, the email authentication system was updated. Part of this update included a new login page. Many users are experiencing an issue where entering login information simply results in the page reloading without logging in but without showing an error message. This issue can be resolved by clearing your web browser's temporary files (cache). Instructions for doing so can be found in this solution: click here
  • 4/27/15 - Beginning 4/27 at 5:30PM, myFranklin became slow/unresponsive, sometimes erroring out or failing to log in. This issue has been corrected as of 4/28 at 2:00PM.

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