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Configuring an iOS Device for Franklin and Urbana Email
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This document will assist you with configuring your iOS device (iPhone, iPad) for your Office 365 email.

Method 1 - Downloading the Outloook app:
1. Find the app in iTunes (by Microsoft Corporation) and download. 

2. Open the app and select "Office365"
3. Sign in with your university email address and password

- (Franklin staff/faculty)
- (Urbana staff/faculty) 
- (Franklin student)
- (Urbana student)
Method 2 - Using the default Mail app on your phone:
   1.   Go to Settings
   2.   Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
   3.   Select Add Account
   4.   Select Microsoft Exchange
   5.   Fill out the following fields:
    • Email:
      • - (Franklin staff/faculty)
      • - (Urbana staff/faculty) 
      • - (Franklin student)
      • - (Urbana student)
    • Password: your email password
    • Description: whatever you would like to name the account (defaults to "Exchange")

   6. Select Next, and at this point, your account may be verified automatically and you are done.  However, if it does not, you will need to proceed to step 7.
   7. Fill out the following fields:
  • Server:
  • Domain: leave blank
  • Username: 
    • - (Franklin staff/faculty)
    • - (Urbana staff/faculty) 
    • - (Franklin student)
    • - (Urbana student)
   8. Select Next, and your account should now be verified.  You may customize which aspects of your account to synchronize, and then you are finished.

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