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Login information for myTools (WebAdvisor)
Type: Solution | Updated On: Oct 6, 2015 02:33 PM
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If you have submitted an enrollment application at after 6/9/14, you will now be emailed a username and password. 

This login information can be used to access the myTools website (also known as WebAdvisor) at This website can be used to check your Financial Aid information and Award Letter if it is available. 

Please note that the username and password that you are provided will only allow access to myTools. Your BlueQuill account will be activated once you have been registered for at least one course by an Academic Advisor.

Additionally, this login username and password cannot be changed or reset until you are registered for at least one course. If you do not remember this username or password, you will need to refer to the original email that you received containing this information.

If you cannot find your original email with this login information, please contact so that your admissions advisor can retrieve your login information.

If your admissions advisor is unable to assist you with this information, please contact and a helpdesk technician will assist you. 

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