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Send an instant message (IM) in Skype for Business
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To start an IM conversation:
1. Locate the person you want to send an IM to, either through search or your Contacts list. Then do any one of the following:

  • Double-click anywhere on their contact listing.
  • Right-click their listing and click Send an IM.

2. Type your message in the text field at bottom of the window.

3. (Optional) To add special content or customize the appearance of your message, you can:

  • Send a file or a picture by doing one of the following:
  • Drag-and-drop the file or picture from your computer into the message window or text input area.
  • Copy and paste the file or picture from any Office program into the message window or text input area.
  • Press PrtScn on your keyboard to capture an image directly from your screen, then paste it into the message window or text input area.
NOTE: Your sent message will show a small representation of the added file or picture. To open the file or see the picture at full size, the recipient clicks Save or Copy and transfer the file to their machine.
  • Copy and paste links from other Microsoft Office products directly into the IM area. (Be sure to use the full URL of the location you’re linking to.)
  • Click the font icon  to change the font style, size, emphasis, or color of your text.
  • Click the emoticon icon  to see and choose from a selection of emoticons to add to your IM.
  • Click the priority icon  to mark your IM as high-importance.

4. Press Enter to send your IM

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