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Adobe Connect will not recognize my microphone or camera
Type: Solution | Updated On: Jun 13, 2017 10:43 AM
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First, make sure you have the most recent versions of:

If you cannot get your Adobe Connect session to recognize your microphone or camera, there are 2 options:

OPTION 1 (The optimal solution):

1. Close out of any Adobe Connect session.

2. Download and run your meeting using the Adobe Connect Add-in (as opposed to opening to the session in a tab in your browser). The Adobe Connect Add-in can be downloaded and installed from the following link: 

3. When you reopen your session, it should open in the Add-in rather than opening in your browser. This will increase your chances of microphone and camera recognition by Adobe Connect.

4. If you are asked if Adobe Connect can access your microphone and camera, you must select "Allow" for the session to recognize your devices. 

5. Then open the sound menu on your computer (applies to Windows operating systems). You should be able to search for "Sound" or "Recording Devices" in your start menu to pull up this window. If you have multiple microphones listed, make note of the microphone that recognizes sound when you speak. 

6. Next, in your Adobe Connect session, open the Audio Setup Wizard in the Meeting menu. 

7. Pay attention to the Select Microphone menu. You want to select the microphone that recognized sound from step 5 above. 

OPTION 2 (A less optimal solution):

**This option is intended for users who are not able to download the Adobe Connect Add-in as explained in option 1.**

1. Close out of any Adobe Connect session.
2. Go to: to download the most recent version of Flash Player.
3. Install the downloaded version of Flash Player.
4. Then navigate to:
5. Adjust your Global Security Settings for Flash Player to “Always Ask”.

6. Then adjust your Global Privacy Settings to “Always Ask”.

7. Clear you cache and cookies. For more information regarding this step, please consult:

8. If you are using a Mac computer, there are additional steps that may be needed. After updating the Flash player, open System Preferences. Then open the Flash Player in System Preferences.

9. Then open the Camera and Mic tab and select Camera and Microphone settings by Site...

10. Look for the website:
  This is the website through which all of our Adobe Connect sessions operate. You can use the "+" symbol to add the website if it is not listed.
  Then change the access level to that website ( to: "Allow"

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