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Adobe Connect on Mobile Devices
Type: Solution | Updated On: Aug 23, 2017 09:16 AM
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There is an Adobe Connect mobile App available for iPhone and Android. If a student is using the the App, it will ask for a link to the Connect Room. Instructors can provide the link to the myFranklin designated room that exists for each course.

If an instructor does not know how to access the room link, please send them the link below for instructions about accessing the link within a room: (

When a student copies and pastes a link directly into the Connect App on their smart phone or tablet they will have to enter the room as a "Guest". The App does not recognize their myFranklin student credentials when accessing the room through a link. 

As an alternate mode of entering the session (if you do not have a link to the Connect Room), you can log into the full myFranklin site (NOT the mobile Franklin App AND ALSO NOT the myFranklin mobile website). You may have to select the option to "view full site" to exit the mobile website. Then you will need to view your course, and enter the Meet session. This will transfer the your myFranklin credentials into the Connect app and allow you to log in with your username.

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