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Document Submissions in BlueQuill
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Adding an document to an Assignment

1. In an assignment that requires a submission, you now will have to add an assignment(s) to be submitted. It is possible to submit multiple items. To submit, click Add.

2. Then you will have the option to Create or Upload. Uploading a document is the most common way to submit an assignment. If you are uploading a document, move onto step 8 after step 2. 

3. Uploading assignments works as it did before. You can upload a file from your computer to the submission. After uploading the file, skip to step 8.

4. You can now also create a document in the assignment. By clicking Create, you will be given an editor to write your document. You must add a title to the document to begin editing.

5. You can re-size the open document by clicking and dragging this icon.

6. The editor will have many of the features of Microsoft Word, but it does not have as many editing features as the full version of word. 

7. If you are creating the file in the assignment, make sure to save your work often. This will help you to not lose work if your internet connection fails.

8.  After the file has been uploaded or created, you can then choose to Submit for Grading. 
NOTE: Whether you have uploaded a file or created a file (creating files - see step 4), you MUST complete this step for the assignment to be submitted to your professor. 

9. You can also share the file to your instructor without submitting for grading by using the following icon (the icon will appear when hovering over the document name). This feature is helpful when you want to share updates or a draft of your assignment with your professor, but are not ready to submit for grading. 

10. You can delete files that are uploaded or created as long as you have not submitted them for grading (see step 8). To delete a file, use the following icon (the icon will appear when hovering over the document name).

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