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Getting Meet (Adobe Connect ) Sessions to Open in Chrome
Type: Solution | Updated On: Aug 16, 2017 01:32 PM
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Depending on the security settings in Google Chrome, or depending on your version of Google Chrome, you may be asked to download Adobe Flash Player or the Adobe Connect Add-in even if you already them it installed. This can happen when entering a Meet (Adobe Connect) session for your course. 

If you do have Flash Player installed, we suggest altering the following website security settings in Chrome to recognize that Flash Player is already installed. 

Navigate to the following website:

Complete the following steps for both sites listed above:

1.Click on the Site Information icon (just left of the website URL), which may look like either of the following icons: 

2. In the drop down, navigate to Flash -> Allow (may be listed as Ask) - > Always Allow on Site.  

3. Then refresh the page. After you have completed these steps on both pages, you should be able to open your session without issue. 

4. It is most helpful to enter the Connect session using the Adobe Connect Add-in. It can be downloaded here:

Note: If you ever reset your browser or change security settings during an upgrade, you may have to complete these steps again to get the session to open without issue. 

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